Swedish Metizport huge favorites vs. Aurora Young Bluds in christmas clash

Metizport is playing vs. Aurora Young Bluds in the Winter Cup 2023. The Swedish side of Metizport are hugely favored by betting companies. GG.bet offers the odds 1.22 for a victory for the Swedish side and 3.92 for an Aurora victory.

To up the odds on Metizport we have the option to play -1.5 map handicap which brings the odds up to 1.73. If the Swedish side wins but Aurora manages to snag a map victory off them we can enjoy the odds of 3.65 for a 2-1 victory for Metizport.

Some highlight odds for the match between Metizport and Aurora:

  • Metizport victory: 1.21
  • Aurora Young Bluds victory: 3.92
  • Metizport -1.5 map handicap: 1.73
  • Metizport win 2-1: 3.65
  • Aurora first map winner: 3.15
  • Metizport first map winner: 1.32

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