New updates to Counter-Strike 2

The new version of the global esportssuccess Counter-Strike has received some bigger updates lately. The game is set to release during summer 2023 and the game will be a free upgrade for all CS:GO-players.

The game will give players a wide range of improvements which we only have seen a few of so far. But overall gameplay seem to be better and many of players wishlist improvements have been dealt with.

Game developers have also been inspired by some features from other FPS-games such as Valorant and added their own versions of it into CS2.

Some of the changes in Counter-Strike 2:

  • Upgrades graphics for maps, weapons and skins
  • Responsive smokes – They will now adjust the form of the smoke based on the area around it
  • Sub-tick rate – The game servers now know the exact moment an action happened and tickrate won’t be a thing like in previous games
  • New loadout system – Before each game you choose which weapons you want to bring into battle – You can only buy these during the game.
  • Footsteps range on minimap – You can now see how far away from you the footsteps your heard are on the minimap – indicated by a circle showing range.

Here’s a Youtube-video showcasing the new responsive smokes:

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